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by: Betty McKenzie Moore

The United States of America is also known as “The Melting Pot” and “An Experiment in Democracy.”  As Americans, we are descendants of many other countries or nations.  Whether we are descendants of Native Americans who were the original inhabitants of this land; descendants of Pilgrims who came here on the Mayflower; descendants of Slaves forced to come here from their lands in Africa; descendants of Immigrants fleeing oppression in other countries, no matter how we got here or what adjectives we use to identify ourselves with such as Native American, White American, African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, Latino American, etc. — we are all “Americans.”

Just as our American heritage is different, we as Americans have different backgrounds in education, religion, upbringing, wealth and financial status, from the extremely rich to the extremely poor.  No matter our differences, we have “ONE” great “Equalizer” – OUR VOTE.  We all get just “ONE VOTE.” Sometimes factions will try to suppress it, deny it, destroy it, not count it.  But as Americans we all Get this Great Equalizer. No person gets more than one and no one person’s vote counts more than another.  Americans don’t weigh it or factor it; We Exercise It.  Our Vote, the Great Equalizer, gives us Equal Power in the participation of Democracy in the greatest country on earth…The United States of America.

It is our Voice… It is our Power…It is our Great Equalizer!