Building a better world in the workplace.

Our Belief
Knowledge is power.
Our Goal
Empower clients with knowledge that will help them effectively manage their most valuable asset - Their Employees.
Our Approach
Minimize employers' exposure to costly lawsuits by implementing proactive practices in the workplace.
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Welcome to The Employment Front, LLC!

The Employment Front, LLC is a woman-owned small business specializing in Human Resource and Management Consulting.

At The Employment Front, we help companies Build a Better World in the Workplace. Specializing in workplace solutions, The Employment Front helps clients enhance their employer employee relationships by assisting in the creation of wholesome work environments. We believe that employees perform at their highest potential when they understand and embrace their company’s goals, know the part they play in achieving those goals, and feel empowered to contribute and work in an environment of respect. Employees are more engaged when there are good employer-employee relationships in the workplace. Engaged employees can positively impact a company’s bottom-line.

Companies often waste time and money in costly litigation, fighting to mitigate the damages of employment related issues. The Employment Front takes a proactive approach, assisting clients in resolving employment issues before they become costly problems, thereby facilitating the investment of time and resources in employee development.

We partner with business executives and managers to transform the workplace through training, consulting, and executive coaching.

Please contact us to learn more about how The Employment Front can help you with your workplace solutions.